General Rules

These General Rules apply to each game unless otherwise decided before each game;

  • Any Knives of choice can be used, it is recommended to use 4-6 knives in the game to save retrieval time.
  • Any distance can be used.
  • Throwing style (no-spin, half-spin, rotational) or trick shot must be called before throwing at each ball, if style is going to change from initial stated style.
  • Each ball must be called clearly.
  • Each successful shot must have the knife clearly ‘hitting’ the  called ball, close up shots should be shown when necessary to confirm.

DOUBLE PLAYER – Worlds Apart

  • Same rules as single player, but game date on score sheet must match each player.
  • Each player should play  the game all the way through, submit videos for overall thunk comparison.
  • Both players should include the cue ball.

DOUBLE PLAYER – Same Targets

  • Same rules as single player, but each player shoots up to 12 times pursuing each ball, if unsuccessful within the 12 throws, then the next player takes their turn shooting up to 12 times towards their next ball.
  • Once a ball is hit, the player moves onto the next ball and starts the next 12 count.
  • Players alternate throwing a maximum of up to 12 times each per ball.  If a player hits the desired ball, then the 12 count starts again on the next ball and the player keeps going.
  • Both players should include the cue ball.