CHALLENGE #101 ~ 8 Ball Game Complete ~ Win a Deluxe Deck Set!


The Ultimate Goal is 9 throws, the least number possible to ‘Run The Table’  It’s not required to complete this challenge in 9 throws, but it is the goal.

Any Throwing Distance!

Any Throwing Style!

All General Rules Apply

Download  & Print the Free ThunkPool Game Ball Cards HERE!


  • Fill Out & Show Date on Game Score Sheet to camera at beginning of your video.
  • Show Cue Ball card being stapled/placed on target
  • Sho0t/Throw at Cue Ball card until successfully hit, count throws and record on score sheet)
  • Choose Stripes or Solids and show all 7 balls plus the 8 ball being placed on target in random desired places
  • Shoot/Throw & Call the 7 balls you chose as you pursue them, calling each ball in your own desired order, also calling knife throwing style (no spin, half spin or full spin or trick shot) .  Count and record the number of throws it took to hit for each ball on record score sheet.
  • Shoot 8 Ball, count throws and record on score sheet
  • Total all throws and add final score to Game Score Sheet for record keeping, show to camera to  complete the video.
  • The entire game must be captured on video and each successful hit must be clearly shown in a closeup.  The beginning of the video must show a dated and empty score sheet.  Video must be posted either directly in the ThunkPool Group on Facebook or on YouTube and shared to the ThunkPool Group on Facebook for everyone to witness.

Remember: The Ultimate Goal is to complete the game in a maximum of 9 Throws! 

Download  & Print the Free ThunkPool Game Ball Cards HERE!

This Challenge is Open to All Takers, but is limited to the first 10 Submissions by post date in the ThunkPool Group on Facebook

Check out the winners on the ThunkPool Conqueror’s List HERE

Here’s a little bit of a demo video to help you get the idea…