CHALLENGE #255 ~ 1 Ball Trick Shot Challenge! – 1 Knife, 1 Ball, 1 Ring, 1 Motion

The challenge is to place 1 single ThunkPool Ball card of your choice on your target wall, and then throw a ring first, any ring up to 6″, and then immediately throw your knife and catch the ring, while also hitting the ThunkPool Ball with your knife. 1 Ball, 1 Knife, 1 Ring, 1 Motion.

Any Distance
Any Throwing Style
Any ThunkPool Ball
Any Ring up to 6″

The entire challenge must be captured on video and must show a closeup of the completed goal.  The beginning of the video must show a dated and empty score sheet.  No need to count your throws for this  record as it only takes 1!  Video must be posted either directly in the ThunkPool Group on Facebook or on YouTube and shared to the ThunkPool Group on Facebook for everyone to witness.

All General Rules Apply

Download  & Print the Free ThunkPool Game Ball Cards HERE!

This Challenge is Open to All Takers,  post your video in  ThunkPool Group on Facebook

Check out the winners on the ThunkPool Conqueror’s List HERE