Welcome In…

I don’t care what the distance is, I don’t care what knife you throw or what style, and HELL YEAH I want you to show me a trick shot, throw in all ways that makes you feel you, but the question still is, and always is…when you do it, can you hit the ball? And then…can you do it again? ThunkPool, play a game and hone your aim!

HAPPY Thunking Chuckers…Thunk Positive…any alternative probably sucks…

Wake Up, Be Kind, Kick Ass, Thunk, Repeat.

#ThunkPool #ThunkLife #ThunkLove #ThunkPositive #ThunkThunkThunk

Don’t just practice throwing knives, play a game of Thunk Pool!

The Knife & Axe Throwing Games of Billiards YOU can play alone or with others.

No lines and no minimum or maximum distances.


You’re already practicing and training, so why not make it fun and more exciting…

Each ThunkPool Ball Card is 2.5″ x 3.5″, the size of a standard trading card, and

Each Ball is American Standard Billiards regulation size of 2.25″

Take your best shot!

Any knives, any distance, hone the accuracy in what you like to throw, but call your shot!

Distance does not matter, just the Call and the Ball!

Who will be the next Minnesota Thunk!?!

Show us your best Trick Thunk Shot!



Check out the Games Page for Game Setup & Rules!

Check out the Printable Ball Card Sets to print a set now and Play Now!